Happy Year of the Tiger (Shark)

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With only 6 more days left until Chinese New Years, Harry and the Shark Truth team are getting really excited for all the community festivities. As some of you may know, Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and Chinese Zodiac and this year it’s the year of the Tiger. But we think it should be year of the Tiger Shark!

Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year Flyer

Why? Here is a message from Harry:

“I know this year is the ‘Year of the Tiger’ but I think it should be ‘Year of the Tiger Shark’. Tiger sharks are one of the 450+ species in my family that are being overfished for shark fin soup. Please help save our fins by celebrating the beautiful and majestic tiger shark this year.”

To help spread Harry’s message and to celebrate CNY, we will be heading out to the Vancouver Chinese New Year Chinatown Parade this Sunday, February the 14th with local shark education group, Wake. Look for our fun shark costumes and fin headbands as we hand out Chinese New Year goodies like red pockets and fortune cookies.

We won’t be in the parade line up but will be at the parade hanging around and meeting new people. Come find our shark costumes and say hi to Harry!

Parade Details

Sunday, February 14th
9am – 11am
Chinatown, Vancouver
Parade Map [link]
CBA Website Link with more info [link]

Help save Harry’s fins by learning more about tiger sharks on National Geographic [link].

Happy Chinese New Year

From the Shark Truth team

Action Corner

Protect Chagos

Save Harry's fins by signing this petition to protect Chagos!

Chagos is an island in the middle of the British Indian Ocean Territory and has the potential to be a huge marine reserve. Did you know:

  • 50 tonnes of open-ocean shark species are caught accidentally every year by legal fisheries in Chagos waters
  • At least 60 species listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Endangered Species are found in the Chagos Islands.

Help save Harry’s family by signing the petition [link].

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