Federal vs. Municipal Shark Fin Bans

Toronto passing the shark fin ban is a major victory for Canada and sharks around the world (read more in the Globe & Mail editorial).

FAQ: With the growing movement in municipalities to ban shark fins and the upcoming introduction of a federal bill that would ban shark fins, what’s the difference between the two?

Photo by Anil Sharma

Answer: Federal jurisdiction on shark fin products can cover imports whereas provincial and municipal legislation covers sale, possession and trade.

The team at Shark Truth is working behind the scenes on a shark fin ban in Vancouver and neighbouring cities to leverage this growing movement. And with your help, we’ll make it happen.

Simultaneously, we have been working to support Member of Parliament, Fin Donnelly, in introducing a bill in November that would ban shark fin imports on a national level in Canada! Hence the two-tiered strategy to have a comprehensive ban on shark fin products.

3 ways to get involved? Watch the video & contribute to make the campaign a reality. Sign the petitionJoin the team.
Questions, comments, expressions of excitement? Please email info[at]sharktruth.com

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