Support a Pickering Shark Fin Ban

UPDATE NOV 21 9PM PST: Thanks to your calls and emails, Pickering is now Fin Free! The shark fin ban introduced by Councillor David Pickles (yes, that’s really his name) passed 5 to 1!

更新, 11月21日9時 太平洋時間:感謝你的電話和郵件,皮克林市現在已經是無翅城市了!議員David Pickles提出了這個議題(對的,是他沒錯),以5:1通過!


The city of Pickering, Ontario (east of Toronto) are discussing a motion today to ban shark fin. Call & email the mayor and councillors to let them know you support a Fin Free Pickering! 


Mayor Dave Ryan
Tel.: 905.420.4600

Councillors’ Office
Tel.: 905.420.4605

Copy + paste the email addresses below and send them your own note about why you want to ban shark fin: 複製和黏貼以下的電郵地址,并發送一份關於你想要禁止魚翅原因便籤給他們:

A sample email of what you could say: 一份簡單的電郵可以這麼寫:

I am emailing with strong support for a shark fin ban in Pickering, Ontario.


Sharks are top predators and maintain the health of our ocean ecosystem, which we all depend on. With late sexual maturity (up to 25 years), long gestation (2-3 pups on average) and life span (up to 100 years), sharks are being killed at rates their populations simply cannot sustain. One-third of open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction, primarily due to the fin trade and the growing demand for shark fin soup.

鯊魚是維護我們賴以生存的海洋生態系統的健康的頂級捕食者。· 由於鯊魚性成熟晚,妊娠率低(每次產下2-3條幼仔)和生命週期長(最高可達25年),以目前被捕殺的速度,它們根本無法繼續維持種群的數量。現在生活在開放捕殺海域的鯊魚,有三分之一正面臨著滅絕的威脅。主要原因是魚翅的買賣和日益增長的魚翅湯的需求。  

Shark finning is also a wasteful practice. On average, sharks’ fins make up less than 5% of their total body weight. Due to the high value of their fins (a dorsal of a mature whale shark can sell up to 50,000CDN) and low value of their meat, sharks are often finned at sea and the rest of their body dumped overboard. 


This is a local issue with a significant global impact as shark fin products are imported into Canada from around the world. A ban on shark fin products will enable our City to cease being a participant in the worldwide decimation of shark populations and the oceans at large.


Citizens and restaurants across Canada and the world have already begun removing shark fin from their menus. It is now time to build on this momentum. We ask that you join Toronto, Mississauga, Brantford, Oakville, California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and a growing list of jurisdictions to ban shark fin products in the City of Pickering, Ontario. 加拿大範圍內的公民和餐館已經開始從他們的菜單中剔除與魚翅相關菜肴。我們是時候抓住這個契機。我們請願加入多倫多,米西索加,布兰特福德,奥克维尔,加州,夏威夷州,華盛頓州,俄勒岡州,和越來越多的司法管轄區,在安大略省皮克林市禁止銷售,擁有和買賣魚翅產品。

Your leadership can change the tide of the decimation of shark populations around the world and help create a healthy ocean ecosystem that sustains our planet. Please enact legislation that bans shark fin products in Pickering, Ontario. Thank you. 


We look forward to celebrating your leadership in this movement.