Action Alert: National Import Ban Petition – Get Involved!

Today, NDP Oceans & Fisheries Critic MP Fin Donnelly announced the petition launch for a bill to ban shark fin imports in Canada with Claudia, Cecile, Nathan, Kevin, Rob Stewart of Sharkwater and United Conservationists. Fin Donnelly is launching the campaign with a petition to show the support behind the bill – and we need YOUR HELP to make this happen. 

5 Easy Steps to Get Involved 

  1. PETITION: Collect petition signatures online or hard-copy (download the English PDF here and French PDF here – Chinese one coming soon!).
  2. BACKGROUND: Download the background document in English here (Chinese one coming soon!).
  3. MAIL: Send the signatures to our temporary mailbox:
    ATT: Shark Truth National Ban Petitions
    200-1273 Clark Drive
    Vancouver BC V5L 3K6
  4. FUNDRAISEWe can help make this campaign and our Fin Free Vancouver campaign (find out difference between federal and municipal bans here) a reality by hiring project coordinators for a bullet proof strategy – every little bit helps! Become part of the team and contribute at
  5. JOIN THE TEAM! Want to get more involved and hold movie screenings, phone bank MPs or give presentations? Visit or become part of the Shark Truth team by sending in your interest statement at the bottom of this page.

MEDIA RELEASE: Read the full press release here.