We’re Leaving on a Jet Plane

In only a few days, our 2011 Happy Hearts Love Sharks contest winners Judy & Jason will be leaving to claim their grand prize trip in Hawaii where they will be swimming with sharks for the very first time. They had a total of nearly 1,300 guests between their two wedding banquets that went Fin Free! Judy tells us about their excitement in preparing for the trip: 

Our Hawaii trip only a few days away! Jason and I are ecstatic because not only is it the first time we’re going to Hawaii but it’s also our first time getting in the water with sharks.

I remember when I first told my parents that we weren’t going to serve shark fin at our wedding banquet, they objected … then they hesitated … then we finally were able to convince them that this is the right thing to do for the planet. After we won the contest, my dad was bragging to all his friends about how proud he was of us for standing up for something we believe in. A few weeks later after our banquet in Vancouver, we held a banquet for 880 guests at Jason’s homecountry Malaysia and to our surprise, his parents were so motivated by what we did in Vancouver, they decided to deck out the entire banquet hall with shark conservation messages! His dad said, “Well, if this is what you two want, let’s do it right. Let’s make sure everyone knows why!”

Thanks to Shark Truth and our friends for voting for us on Facebook, we have this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to swim with these magnificent animals! My colleague was saying to me “Wouldn’t it be ironic if you pledge to save the sharks and you get eaten by one?!” I know that sharks very rarely attack but it’s still nerve-wrecking to get up close and personal with a gigantic animal – whether it’s shark or an elephant.

So far, this is how our itinerary is looking:

Dec 17th, 3:30pm- arrival at Honolulu airport
Dec 20th, 8:30am- Swim with the Sharks!
Dec 24th, 3:35pm- departure from Honolulu airport

Since it is our first time there, we are going to purchase a Go-Oahu Card and do some typical tourist stuff like visit Pearl Harbour, Polynesian Cultural Centre, Luau and take some surf lessons. I can’t believe we’re leaving in only a few days!!! We’ll be posting some photos on Facebook and blog posts while we’re on the trip.



Judy and Jason