Release: 2012 HHLS Prize Announced

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February 13, 2012 7am PST


Happy Hearts Love Sharks open to contestants on Valentine’s Day to symbolize long-lasting love for couples-to-be and oceans 

VANCOUVER, BC. – Canadian nonprofit Shark Truth’s upcoming annual wedding contest, Happy Hearts Love Sharks (HHLS), is featuring a special grand prize this year for the winning couple: a six-day cruise to the Galapagos Islands from Flight Centre Business Travel & G Adventures, which features visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station and encountering unique wildlife in one of the most diverse locations on our planet.

“The shark conservation movement is growing around the world and markets are shifting away from shark fin. Businesses like Shangri-La are listening to what their customers are saying: they want sustainable food options and shark fin is not a part of that,” said Claudia Li, Shark Truth Founder.

This year, applications are open on Valentine’s Day and voting begins on World Ocean’s Day, June 8. The HHLS invites Canadian couples of partial or full Chinese descent to pledge to go shark fin free at their wedding banquet through an online photo and storytelling contest.

“Flight Centre Business Travel is proud to support this worthy cause and we are excited to send one lucky couple to the Galapagos,” said Craig MacCarthy, Brand Leader from Flight Centre Business Travel.

“The Galapagos Islands tour is a deluxe and once-in-a-lifetime experience. We hope that this visit to one of the top diving and snorkelling destinations in the world, with a chance to encounter some of the most diverse and breathtaking marine wildlife, including hammerheads and the iconic whale shark, will encourage wedding couples to take shark fin off the menu,” said Aaron Sapra, National Sales Manager from G Adventures.

Shark Truth has expanded the contest model in partnership with Hong Kong Shark Foundation. More details on the contest eligibility can be found at The winners of the contest will be announced during Shark Week this coming summer.

Shark fin soup is a Chinese delicacy that is popularly served at wedding banquets as a symbol of status and respect. Global shark populations continue to plummet across the world due to the growing demand for shark fin. The International Union for Conservation of Nature identifies that 25 species of sharks and rays have a risk of going extinct in our lifetime.

About Shark Truth

Shark Truth is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness and action for sharks. Their unique consumer engagement campaign includes the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest that rewards couples who pledge to go Fin Free at their wedding banquet. Learn more at

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