“Aloha,” say last year’s Happy Hearts contest winners

It’s been almost a year since Judy and Jason made the decision to go Fin Free at their wedding banquet and they couldn’t be happier with that decision. In fact, they encourage everyone to follow in their footsteps by going Fin Free.


After initially encountering some struggles with their parents when they first announced their intention to NOT serve shark fin soup at their wedding, the bride’s father was soon bragging about how the couple was standing up for what they believe in. It wasn’t too long after that the newlyweds had won Shark Truth’s grand prize trip to Hawaii.

“We took our honeymoon trip to Hawaii – a first time for us – and it was amazing,” says Judy. “The sunset on our day of arrival was such a beautiful moment that we’ll always remember.”

To experience Hawaii, one doesn’t have to look too far.

The native greeting “Aloha” holds all the meaning you need to know to interact with all of its natural beauty. The term originates from a place of affection, peace, compassion and mercy. The spirit of Aloha had important lessons for the children of Hawaii in the past, including taking only what food is needed and explaining why it is being taken; that the earth, sky and sea are ours to care for, to cherish and to protect.

“Nobody minded the absence of shark fin soup,” explains Judy.

In fact, people complimented the couple on their choice to take it off the menu. “Guests don’t actually notice or care nearly as much as we think they do,” says Judy. “But the demand for shark fin is wiping out shark populations all over the world. We encourage everyone to take shark fin off their menu, before sharks are gone forever.”

Enter the 2012 contest now for early bird prizes.

With the 2012 edition of the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest already open, Judy and Jason say they’re excited to see the new couples’ entries and will be voting themselves. This year’s grand prize is a 6-day deluxe trip to the Galapagos Islands courtesy of Flight Centre and G Adventures. And this year, there are monthly prizes for signing up early.

“Good luck to all the couples this year,” love Judy & Jason.