New Outreach Fundraising Program

Starting this April, Shark Truth will be taking its message of awareness and action to the streets of Vancouver as part of a new fundraising program. The goals of this program are to increase the number of supporters giving charitable contributions, raise awareness, and encourage the public to get involved by joining a growing group of like minded individuals.

Ongoing and monthly contributions are the foundation of many non-profit organizations. Having a base amount of supporters would give Shark Truth more financial flexibility and more room for growth. Donations acquired through this program will allow the Shark Truth team to see its goals met and to continue to make a difference when it is needed most.

Our new Canvass Manager & Fundraiser Matthew Young has stepped up to the challenge and will be managing the canvass program with support from the Shark Truth team. Matthew found Shark Truth through one of many connections made while working for charitable, political and community based initiatives. Five years of experience has given Matthew the skills to execute and manage successful fundraising programs for a number of organizations. After hearing about the amazing strides Shark Truth has made in just a few short years he was compelled to offer his assistance in any way possible.

Welcome to the team Matthew!

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