Sharks Will Black Out to Speak Out

Tomorrow, Shark Truth joins hundreds of organizations and thousands of citizens across Canada who will darken their websites in response to the the omnibus budget Bill C-38 being introduced by the federal government. The Bill includes changes that would weaken many of the country’s most important environmental protection measures and silence the voices of all Canadians who seek to defend nature.

At the heart of it, Bill C-38 is not only undemocratic, it threatens the voice and input from Canadians and will have significant impact on decisions and policies made for Canada and our environment.

Shark Truth is an organization that advocates for sharks, our marine ecosystem and our environment. We strongly believe our work is only effective if we have real democracy in Canada and are not unjustly silenced by the government.

Join us to fight for the right to do our basic work and protect nature and its animals. Here are the Top 5 Reasons To Speak Out.

5 Ways You Can Take Action: 

  • Sign the petition to stop Bill C-38
  • Call or email your local MP and tell them that you support democracy and oppose Bill C-38. Find  your local MP’s contact information here.
  • Ribbonize your Facebook profile picture
  • Tweet your support for democracy using #blackoutspeakout
  • Read What Bill C-38 Means for the Environment by Eco Justice

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