Press Statement on Richmond Delegation to Ban Shark Fin

VANCOUVER (July 9, 2012) — Following the rally and delegation organized at Richmond City Council tonight, Shark Truth reaffirms its commitment to collaborating with the community by empowering consumers and businesses to go shark Fin Free.

“In these past three years, we’ve given opportunities for the community of Chinese descent to take action and to stop shark fin products, and they have, ” said Claudia Li, Executive Director of Shark Truth. “We’ve seen fundamental change in our community: people no longer want to serve shark fin because they now know it doesn’t match their values. Because of this, businesses serving shark fin are also beginning to take it off the menu and also showing an increased interest in seafood sustainability.”

On the City of Burnaby’s recent motion to work on a report on shark fin legislation, “Burnaby is taking a step in the right direction by figuring out the best solution for both conservation and the community. We hope all municipalities will consult and work with all the stakeholders involved for the best results. Our philosophy for shark conservation is collaboration.”

Every year, up to 73 million sharks are killed primarily for their fins, causing some populations to decline by 90% and threatening the stability of the world’s ocean ecosystems. Sharks are inherently sensitive to overfishing due to their long-evolved biological nature (sexual maturity can take up to 25 years, lifespan up to 100 years and low gestation at 2-3 pups on average per year). Coupled with the soaring demands for shark fin products, sharks being hunted through the process of shark finning – where a shark is taken just for its fin, and the rest of the body wasted and dumped overboard – continues rampant in the seas and has been cited as a “clear cutting” of the oceans. Shark fin is mainly used as an ingredient in shark fin soup favoured by some middle- to higher-income families of Chinese descent, and is served as a status symbol and a gesture of generosity.

Shark Truth and all of its members support education and community engagement for shark and marine conservation. Shark Truth’s Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest sponsored by Flight Centre and G Adventures will be rewarding a winning couple at the end of July for going shark Fin Free at their wedding banquet to a six-day deluxe cruise to the world-famous Galapagos.

Shark Truth對列治文集會提倡禁魚翅附例的聲明

溫哥華(2012年7月9日) – 繼今晚(7月9日) 在列治文市議會的集會後,Shark Truth重申該組織對跟消費者,商界及社區共同合作,停止食用魚翅的決心。

“在過去三年,我們給予華裔社群很多機會去採取行動及停止食用魚翅產品,而我們亦可以看到很多人也有這樣做,” Shark Truth創辦人李妍蕙稱。“ 我們於社區看到重大變化: 很多人已經選擇不吃魚翅,因為他們了解到魚翅的來由與他們的價值觀不相符,因此許多餐館也開始將魚翅於它們的菜單上刪除,並對保育及可持續海產感到興趣。”


Shark Truth與其所有成員都支持鯊魚及海洋保護的教育及社區參與。由Flight Centre及G Adventures 贊助並由Shark Truth所舉辦的一年一度的無翅婚宴比賽將於七月底公佈賽果。勝出的一對新人將免費獲得一個於世界聞名加拉帕戈斯的豪華六天郵輪假期。所有參賽情侶都不會在他們的婚宴上食用魚翅。


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