Press Statement: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby Announce Regional Shark Fin Ban

Press Statement from Shark Truth
Regarding Regional Shark Fin Ban Announcement


VANCOUVER (August 15, 2012)Following the announcement this morning by Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang for the cities of Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby to work on a regional shark conservation strategy, Shark Truth commends the leadership of the three cities and encourages City Councillors to incorporate strategies to reinforce good behaviours.

“We look forward to working with City Councillors to figure out how we can best bring forth a shark conservation strategy in Richmond, Vancouver, and Burnaby,” said Claudia Li, Shark Truth’s Executive Director. “It’s important that we involve all stakeholders in the conversation so that potential shark fin bans are not just about punishment, but reinforcing good behaviour for long-term change. For example, making education a requirement of all restaurants that serve shark fin through window decals and posters stating that they are going Fin Free.” “本會希望市議員在立法的時候,除運用罰款打擊販賣魚翅之外,可加入要求違法之餐館以正面的行動支持保護鯊魚,例如張貼護鯊資訊的宣傅海報及標語等,以此加强實行法例的教育價值,” 李妍蕙,Shark Truth創辦人。

Shark Truth recommends for City Councillors to focus potential shark fin bans on the business aspect of the legislation by banning the sale, trade, and distribution, rather than possession or consumption.

“This announcement excites us because it illustrates the growing movement to support shark conservation and future generations from individuals, businesses, and government, all doing their part,” said Ms. Li.

Media Contact: Claudia Li 李妍蕙, Shark Truth Executive Director. 604-723-0134

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