A Passion for Ocean – Evelyn Lo

Evelyn L.

It’s only because of our passionate and dedicated volunteers that Shark Truth is able to do the work we do. For examplemeet one of our superstar volunteers behind the scenes: Evelyn Lo. Evelyn has worked tirelessly with Shark Truth to reach out at community events, creating dialogue with those that never heard about shark finning before. Evelyn is studying Sciences at Simon Fraser University and one of her favourite animals is the Pufferfish! Learn more about how Evelyn got involved:

Q: When did you first hear about Shark Truth?

EL: It was at my Conservation Biology course at Simon Fraser University. Claudia was a guest speaker and she shared her personal testimony about sharks and shark finning in our class.

Q: What motivated you to get involved?

EL: I heard about shark finning back in high school, but never realized how detrimental the impacts were until I took a Conservation Biology course at SFU. As a Chinese-Canadian, I am proud of my Chinese culture but also recognize that in all cultures, when we see something that doesn’t match our values, we change it. As a final year student, I want to apply what I’ve learned to do my part.

Q: What is your role in Shark Truth now?

EL: I believe that educating younger generations is essential for creating long-term change because it’s these children that will hold our future. As an Outreach Coordinator, I am in charge of education and outreach. We want to give people the chance to engage with us so we can debunk any misconceptions and explain why shark and ocean conservation is important. We do tabling events and presentations at high schools, Vancouver Aquarium Summer Camps, Science Alive at SFU, and Hats Off Day Parade. The biggest education project I’ve done so far was weekly presentations at Alpha Secondary high school in Burnaby: 10 hours of presentation and student dialogue to over 200 students!

SFU Science Alive Summer Camp

Q: Why did you choose to volunteer with Shark Truth specifically?

EL: I love the people and their enthusiasm and passion for conservation. The organization is able to serve as the missing link between the Chinese community and the Western society to work on shark finning issues. I’m constantly motivated and passionate about what I do because the organization and I are all working towards the common goal of saving sharks.

If you are as passionate about sharks and our oceans as Evelyn, please join our Shark Truth team here.