Press Statement: Vancouver Announces Regional Shark Fin Ban Strategy

Vancouver, BC – September 18, 2012 – Shark Truth commends the City of Vancouver for their motion that calls on the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond to work cooperatively on a regional shark conservation strategy.

“This announcement is more than just about a shark fin ban. It’s a significant moment that represents a huge shift in mentality away from shark fin products in society. After three years of campaigning on shark finning issues by Shark Truth, we are seeing that shark fin products are becoming taboo at weddings and banquets,” said Cecile Yuen, a board member and volunteer of Shark Truth.

“Shark Truth is looking forward to working with city councillors to ensure all stakeholders who need to be consulted are part of the dialogue,” said Yuen. “We are aware that in order for bans to be effective, we must have people who are committed to conservation. We hope that city councillors will brainstorm a creative way, such as incorporating an education component, to the legislation, rather than just impose a fine.”

Shark Truth encourages city councillors to reinforce good behaviour instead of just punishing bad behaviour. For example, they can ask businesses that used to sell shark fin products to put a decal on their window and a poster inside the store stating that they have gone “fin-free” so that people know that the business they’re visiting is now free of shark products and why.

“It’s important that consumers and businesses understand the underlying conservation message – whether it is shark fin products or other unsustainable seafood items – so that they continue to make ocean-friendly decisions and save the planet for future generations,” continued Yuen.

Earlier this month, Cathay Pacific Airways announced it would stop shipping shark fins products in their cargo, in response to concerns about the cruelty surrounding shark finning and their desire to contribute to shark conservation. “With major international corporations like Cathay Pacific agreeing to stop the shipping of shark fin products, it shows the growing global movement for conservation. Although a lot more work needs to be done, we’re heading in the right direction. It’s an exciting time,” said Yuen.


溫哥華(2012年9月18日)— Shark Truth非常高興看到溫哥華、烈治文和本拿比三市對保護鯊魚作出的共同努力。

“這項聲明不僅是一個魚翅禁令,更反應了社會民眾正在漸漸遠離魚翅產品。經過Shark Truth三年的努力宣傳,魚翅已逐漸消失在各類婚禮和宴會上。”Shark Truth的理事袁幸子說道。

“Shark Truth希望能夠與議員們攜手,確保所有利益相關者都能參與對話,”袁幸子說。“要使這個禁令真正發揮作用,我們需要每個利益相關團體的共同努力。希望議員們能夠想出一個有創意的機制去實行這項決議,不僅用罰款去處罰違規者,更要進行宣傳教育。”

Shark Truth鼓勵議員們在懲罰違規行為的同時,也應對利益相關者與大眾進行宣傳教育,並提倡及表揚模範行為。例如,曾經售賣魚翅的餐廳可以在窗戶、店內張貼“無魚翅相關產品”的標誌與聲明,讓他們的食客們都知道餐廳為環保作出的努力。



Media Contact: Crystal Jiang 蒋晨, Shark Truth Communications Officer. 604-518-7416

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