Meet Our Communications Officer – Crystal Jiang

Crystal Jiang at Shark Truth outreach event

Welcome our new team member, Crystal! She joins our shark family with a background in communications and marketing. Crystal will help us manage media channels and write about Shark Truth’s events and upcoming campaigns. Learn more about how Crystal got involved:

Q: How did you find out about this position and what interested you about it?

CJ: I heard about the communications position through a friend, Vivian Kwong, who was one of the founders of Shark Truth. I was very impressed by how much the organization has achieved with limited resources through dedication and passion.

Q: What is your professional and cultural background?

CJ: I was born in Shanghai and moved to Vancouver a couple years ago. Prior to joining Shark Truth, I worked in the marketing and communications field for cross-cultural organizations. During my study in Shanghai, I volunteered in a local NGO to organize campaigns for AIDS awareness and prevention.

Q: What draws you to Shark Truth?

CJ: It’s the people and the vision of Shark Truth that draws me to this organization. I love to work with people that are committed to what they do. I strongly hold my Chinese culture but believe that shark fin soup does not reflect our values today and it is a dish that we should let go of.

Q: What do you hope to bring to the team?

CJ: I would like to bring more engagement and interaction between Shark Truth, local community, and businesses. I also look forward to networking with reporters for increased media exposure of Shark Truth’s upcoming campaigns.

Q: What’s one fun, random fact about you?

CJ: I enjoy Vancouver’s sun, beach and the ocean. If you do not find me in front of my computer, you will most likely to see me out on the sand chasing volleyballs.

If you are as passionate about sharks and our oceans as Crystal, please join our Shark Truth team here.