Press Statement: Vancouver Chinatown’s Floata Removes Shark Fin from Menu

Vancouver, BC – October 26, 2012 – Shark Truth applauds Floata Seafood Restaurant, one of Canada’s largest Chinese restaurants, for adopting a Fin Free policy to stop serving shark fin. The announcement was made at the restaurant on Tuesday night by Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang at a Vision Vancouver fundraiser. Vision secured a letter of understanding with Floata stating that from September 29th, 2012, the restaurant will not be serving shark fin soup at their establishment.

Tai and Juliana’s HHLS wedding at Floata Restaurant in 2010

“Floata is to be commended for their monumental decision to remove shark fin from their menu. This policy represents a socially responsible business decision that will be praised by the community,” said Kevin Huang, Director of Campaigns at Shark Truth. “As awareness continues to grow about the environmentally damaging and unsustainable fishing practices of the shark fin trade, Vision Vancouver exemplifies how organizations, as with consumers, can also protect sharks and our oceans by choosing to work with and support businesses that reflect these changing values.”

In 2010, Shark Truth’s inaugural Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest winners Tai and Juliana held their Fin Free wedding banquet at Floata with 700 guests. In three years, the Happy Hearts Love Sharks consumer engagement campaign has diverted over 40,000 bowls of shark fin soup from consumption.

“Shark Truth is excited to have Floata as one of our first Fin Free restaurant partners as we continue our work with the Chinese community – consumers and now businesses through our restaurant campaign,” said Huang. “We look forward to working with Floata to inspire other businesses to take action for shark conservation.”

Media Contact: Crystal Jiang 蒋晨, Shark Truth Communications Officer. 604-518-7416

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