Brenda, an Entrepreneur with a Happy Heart for Sharks

As a participant of the Happy Hearts Love Sharks (HHLS) wedding contest last year, Brenda Lo was inspired to take an eco-friendly approach for her new business, HML Trading Services. Originally from Hong Kong, Brenda feels compelled to support shark conversation given that HK is one of the world’s largest importers of shark fins.

Palm Fiber Packaging Material

Brenda started her sourcing agency with a strong sense of social responsibility. HML not only supplies eco-friendly brand products, but also organizes programs and events to deliver environmental messages to its customers. For example, HML implemented the “One Dime A Dream” program where for every product sold, ten cents are donated to an environmental group, like Shark Truth. Brenda believes that this will lead to increased public awareness and promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

Brenda also encourages local restaurants to join Shark Truth to promote their HHLS campaign. She said, “Restaurants may gain more from promoting and hosting more Fin Free banquets than selling shark fins in fewer banquets since more people are aware of shark conservation now. Restaurants can attract customers by offering discounts or bonus on Fin Free banquets. It’s a win-win cooperation!”

If you are passionate about shark conservation, click here to find out how you can join and support our Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding campaign.

Brenda speaking about the importance of going Fin Free for her wedding: