Municipal Shark Fin Bans

In light of the recent court decision to overturn the Toronto shark fin ban and Burnaby’s decision to point decision power to provincial and federal bodies, a lot of folks have been asking us about what we think about municipal shark fin bans:

“When it comes to legislation, cities and all jurisdictions should see their role as one that can empower people to change in addition to legislating change. For municipalities specifically, they should focus on the business aspect of legislation (e.g. sale, trade, and distribution) and not consumption or possession. The former is where it has the vast majority of impact. We continue to work with young couples and their families to go fin free, and are excited to continue partnerships with our current and potential future restaurant partners to not only go fin free but also think about seafood sustainability and restaurant operations in general for a holistic approach to restaurant sustainability.”
- Claudia Li, Shark Truth Founder and Executive Director