Meet Harry

We’d like you to meet Harry.

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He’s been floating around the ocean, looking for his family. All the long-lining and finning are leaving him lonely, bored and sad. With no one to play with, he usually splashes around on his own but makes sure to avoid hooks and nets to keep his fins safe.

He’s had a close call a couple times. Once, he was caught in a long line and hauled up by a finning boat where a human tried to slice off his dorsal fin but he successfully escaped (he works out a lot). Unfortunately, most of his family experiences a different and dismal fate. With his own eyes, Harry has seen sharks get snatched up by hooks and nets and dumped back in the ocean. Finless and struggling for their life, they leave only a trail of blood behind. When he told us the story, it brought tears to his eyes.

To escape reality and keep himself busy, Harry also likes to read books on topics such as  sharks (all 450 plus species of them), our oceans and our ecosystem but he is most fascinated by humans. He is especially intrigued by the human perception of sharks and why we are so afraid of sharks. Harry believes our fear is one of the main reasons behind his family’s disappearance.

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