Our Team

Cecile YuenCécile Yuen | Wedding Campaign Co-Chair

Cécile grew up in Hong Kong but studied at the University of British Columbia. Since moving to Vancouver, she spends most of her free time enjoying the outdoors. Her background in real estate along with her fluency in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin allows her to effectively convey Shark Truth’s vision to the Chinese community. A woman in her thirties, she has a large personal network of wedding couples. Cécile contributes her cultural expertise to our cross-cultural engagement strategy and is a Shark Truth emeritus board member and Wedding Campaign co-chair.


Winnie Tam | Media Officer

Growing up eating shark fin soup, Winnie didn’t think much of how the delicacy got to her bowl – until she watched Sharkwater two years ago. Since then, Winnie has been spreading the word to everyone around her about the devastating effects of shark finning. She is proud to be a part of Shark Truth and looks forward to using her communications background to help Shark Truth advance its mission.

Candace Cheung | Event Planner

Candace joined the team at Shark Truth in the fall of 2011 as an event planner and had the opportunity to work on the Sans Fin Soup Contest as well as the Fin Free Vancouver fundraising event. She holds a BSc in General Biology and has worked at UBC’s medical education program. Candace has a 5 year-old goofy yellow lab who she is convinced will be the first dog to live forever!

Nathan Cheng | IT Manager and Outreach Coordinator

Nathan is Shark Truth’s IT whiz. With a background in industrial design and a passion for technology, Nathan is consistently providing Shark Truth with the tech support to keep our events top notch. He’s also been an advocate for sharks for the past ten years. Having grown up in a family that loves shark fin, his decision to go Fin Free was and continues to be a tough path to walk. His experience resonates with many young Chinese-Canadians we meet and work with. Nathan’s inspiring story of passion, dedication and perseverance motivates the entire team.

Leah Biery | Researcher

Leah Biery is a graduate student studying global shark fisheries and the shark fin trade with Dr. Daniel Pauly at UBC. She has a background in Zoology and Nonprofit Management at North Carolina State University, where she gained research experience while studying raccoons and olive baboons in their natural habitats. After graduation, Leah worked with marine conservation NGOs in Florida, where she did field work, developed public education materials, and taught courses about marine science and seafood sustainability. It was during her time in Florida that she became interested in shark fisheries, which led her to the UBC Fisheries Centre and Shark Truth. Leah conducts research in collaboration with Shark Truth in order to provide scientific support for our mission and programs.