Our Values

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.
– Confucius
– 孔子

With the challenge of climate change, the clear cutting of our oceans and other environmental issues that will and are affecting us, we recognize that long-term change requires long-term champions. Our philosophy is to build bridges and inspire change from within the community.

Community charter

Shark Truth is a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect sharks. We bring together passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds to promote awareness and action for sharks. We recognize and value the diversity within our organization and our work, and operate with the following code of conduct.

As members and supporters of Shark Truth, we:
  • Educate and build awareness by proactively engaging consumers and communities
  • Build a foundation for positive change through inclusive, non-discriminatory campaigns
  • Provide individuals and communities with accurate facts to make informed choices
  • Educate and operate from a culturally informed place
  • Empower individuals and communities with environmentally conscious solutions and alternatives
  • Engage mindfully, reasonably and respectfully
  • Work to unite people across generations, cultures and different backgrounds

ON DIVERSITY: Shark Truth is an inclusive organization that recognizes the diversity that is needed to create a sustainable, meaningful and positive movement for the protection of sharks and environmental change.

ON BANS: To effectively protect sharks, we need to simultaneously work on a bottom-up and top-down approach. Firstly, we need education to build a foundation of awareness and understanding. This way, we can inspire collective, long-term action.

Secondly, we need to support legislation that protect sharks by stopping the import, sale, possession and trade of shark fin. Shark Truth encourages political leaders and activists to engage and consult with all stakeholders involved before introducing legislation.

To learn about what it means to be involved in the Fin Free movement, please read and sign the Fin Free Chapter AgreementUnited Conservationists.

ON ETHICS: Shark Truth does not condone, endorse or tolerate any form of discrimination, threats, words or actions against specific races, ethnicities, creeds, ages, religions, genders, mental or physical health conditions or sexual preferences. We have worked together with diverse communities and will continue to cooperate in an inclusive manner to create positive change.

Shark Truth will not tolerate or draw attention to any negative or hateful comments, images, or videos posted on our website or social networks. We will report and remove any such materials as within our capacity and encourage others to do the same.

Do these values fit with you? Join the team.

If you see any inappropriate comments or activities, contact brett[at]sharktruth[dot]com