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Op-ed in Vancouver Sun: Racist attitudes won’t help prevent cruelty to animals

Thank you to Peter and the folks at Vancouver Humane Society for speaking out in solidarity and bringing light to an important topic that needs to be discussed in all movements – whether that be animal rights or conservation – that involve multiple communities. Any animal lover who has seen photos or videos of caged […]

Join us at the Hua Foundation Launch Fundraiser

                              It’s finally happening! Come and celebrate the launch of Hua Foundation (parent organization of Shark Truth), hosted by Chinatown’s Bao Bei Brasserie. And because celebration for us is synonymous with sharing a delicious meal together, we are proud to be collaborating […]

Open Letter: Exciting News – We Are Expanding

Today, we are excited to announce that we’re expanding. Since the beginning of our work at Shark Truth – working with wedding couples and families to go Fin Free – we knew we were on the cusp of a new kind of activism: one that simultaneously embraces culture *and* change. Hua Foundation Throughout our work […]

Two more airlines go Fin Free

  #1) Aeromexico goes Shark Free on all their domestic and international routes! #2) EVA Air Cargo (Taiwan) 2013/09/13 EVA Airways will abide by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) restrictions and regulations.EVA Airways will not accept cargo booking of shark fin and related products, effective OCT […]

Mating Turtles and Blue Footed Boobies

Imagine clear turquoise waters, a blazing sun, and stepping onto a cruise ship that is about to float you all the way to the place where Darwin found his inspiration for his groundbreaking work in ecology, science, and understanding the world itself. Amy & Jackson garnered over 1,000 votes last year for their Happy Hearts […]