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Release: Petition Launch for National Import Ban

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 25, 2011 PETITION LAUNCHES TO RAISE AWARENESS OF PLUMMETING SHARK POPULATIONS VANCOUVER – New Democrat Fisheries and Oceans Critic MP Fin Donnelly was joined today by award-winning director of Sharkwater, Rob Stewart, Shark Truth founder Claudia Li and UBC Marine Biologist, Dr. Harvey-Clark at “C” Restaurant, Vancouver‟s premiere sustainable seafood eatery […]

Congratulations California: Now Our Eyes are on Toronto

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 10, 2011 CONTACT Claudia Li, petition creator and Shark Truth founder, 604-723-0134, claudia [at] sharktruth {Dot} com Jess Leber, senior organizer at, 516-658-9606, jess [at] change {Dot} org AS CALIFORNIA SHARK FIN BAN PASSES, CONSERVATIONISTS LOOK TO TORONTO More than 2,600 people join campaign on supporting Toronto shark […]

‘Happy Hearts Love Sharks’ Wedding Contest Launched

Contest Update: The contest is open to couples who are getting married/or have gotten married between January 2008 to December 2010. Register now for a chance to win. As you may know shark fin soup is most popularly served at wedding banquets — and is threatening to push sharks to extinction. This is why Shark […]

‘Happy Hearts Love Sharks’ Press Conference

With only days away, Harry and the Shark Truth team are revving up to launch our ‘Happy Hearts Love Sharks’ Wedding Contest on March 28th, 2010 to encourage couples to Stop the Soup at their wedding and promote shark fin soup alternatives. Couples that pledge to Stop the Soup at their wedding can enter the contest […]