Wedding Contest

2012 Happy Hearts Love Sharks

Did you know that 100 bowls of shark fin can kill an estimated 10 sharks? At a traditional Chinese banquet dinner, that’s one shark a table. You can take leadership to reduce the destructive consumption of shark fin on behalf of all your wedding guests, plus get a chance to win our grand prize of a trip to the incredible Galapagos Islands courtesy of sponsors G Adventures and Flight Centre. Find out how you can win this and more prizes while making your wedding day more sustainable and showing your love for the planet!

2012 Winners

Amy & Jackson, Canada
Destination: Galapagos Islands

“We know this is not the end of the journey to raise awareness for the conservation of sharks. We need more people to stand up. We need more Chinese people to really take action to save sharks and say no to shark fin”
- Amy Li

Amy and Jackson plan on taking their trip to the Galapagos on their one year wedding anniversary in April 2013.

230 banquet guests went Shark Fin Free

2011 Winners

Judy & Jason, Canada
Destination: Hawaii

“Our parents, although hesitant at first, are now proud of our decision to go shark fin-free at our wedding banquet. They brag about how we won the wedding contest and are standing up for what we believe in.”
– Judy Lau

1,300 banquet guests went Shark Fin Free

2010 Winners

Tai & Julianna, Canada
Destination: Mexico

Tai and Juliana on the beach

The beautiful couple was rewarded with a trip to Mexico where they swam with 100 whale sharks – the biggest fish in the world!
“It was overwhelming,” Paik said. “You see them coming up through the darkness with their mouth open. They’re scary looking because of the image we have of Jaws, but they’re harmless, very gentle, and so beautiful.”
Tai was unfazed by the fact the sharks were big enough to swallow him. ”It was very calming to be in the water with them. They were just minding their own business.”
680 banquet guests went Shark Fin Free