Fin Free Legislation

To effectively protect sharks, Shark Truth and our allies are simultaneously working on a bottom-up and top-down approach. Firstly, we need education to build a foundation of awareness and understanding. Shark Truth created the Happy Hearts Love Sharks Wedding Contest and Restaurant campaigns as opportunities of engagement for consumers and businesses that want to go Fin Free. By empowering people to be a part of the solution, we are inspiring collective, long-term action.

Secondly, we need to support legislation that protect sharks by stopping the import, sale, possession and trade of shark fin. Shark Truth encourages political leaders and activists to engage and consult with all stakeholders involved before introducing legislation.

To learn about what it means to be involved in the Fin Free movement, please read and sign the United Conservationists’ Fin Free Chapter Agreement.

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Rodolphe Holler

National shark fin ban on imports

3 easy steps to get involved:

  1. PETITION: Sign the petition online or submit a hard-copy (download the English PDF here and French PDF here – Chinese one coming soon!).
  2. BACKGROUND: Download the background document in English here (Chinese one coming soon!).
  3. FUNDRAISE: We can help make this campaign and our Fin Free Vancouver campaign (>find out difference between federal and municipal bans here) a reality by hiring project coordinators for a bullet proof strategy – every little bit helps! Become part of the team and contribute.

Vancouver shark fin ban

Read our press statement about City of Vancouver’s regional shark conservation strategy.

Shark Truth is a diverse organization that respects and values diversity within our work. Read our Community Charter here.