Wedding Help Centre

Post card

A great way to spread awareness and understanding. Order this elegant bilingual post card for your wedding guests or make your own through your preferred printer: PDF (high resolution).

Ordering prints

Make it easy by ordering some from us. Printed on FSC certified paper, eco friendly inks with as much post-consumer recycled content as possible. You can even customize the cards with your own design or maybe you need it in Simplified Chinese?

Email cecile{at}sharktruth{dot}com with subject line “Wedding Post Card Order.”

Suggested donation is $20 per 100 cards.

Design Your Own  

Feeling creative? Download the logo [PDF / PNG] and design your own card!

This video says it all

Sometimes it’s easier to explain to friends and family when they can hear the sounds and see the sights. All you need is 13 minutes! Watch and share this great video on how the Tide is Turning when it comes to shark fin across the world.