Sans Fin Soup Tickets on Sale

September 28th, 2011

To soup or not to soup? “I want to protect sharks and not serve shark fin at my banquet, but what do I serve instead?”

The much anticipated Sans Fin Soup Contest is a culinary contest and community event that celebrates sharks and a shark fin-free world. Join us to find out who the Judges chose as our Sans Fin Soup Star and put in your ballot for the People’s Choice Award. Buy your tickets now at

[Download the flyer here in English or Chinese]


Sans Fin Soup Contest | 無翅良品 中式湯羹烹飪比賽

This October 13th, Shark Truth with the support of Vancouver Foundation, presents the Sans Fin Soup Contest: a contest where chefs will be showcasing their shark fin-free soup alternative in a tasting challenge to 300 guests at the Renaissance Harbourside Hotel.

Shark Truth 非牟利機構在Vancouver Foundation支持下,將會在10月13日晚舉行無翅中式湯羹烹飪比賽。在這個比賽上,廚師們在將會在Renaissance Harbourside Hotel展示他們的無翅創意料理,供三百名賓客享用,並接受各位賓客和評審團的美食挑戰。

Sample the finalists’ soups & canapés and vote for the People’s Choice Soup!


Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside

1133 West Hastings Street
In the 360º Vista Room

Thursday, October 13th
6pm – 9pm

Buy your tickets online at 請于此網站購買門票($35)
Facebook event link:

*There will be a vegan soup option / 有一款素食湯品提供
*Cash bar / 有提供酒水的吧台(只限現金)
*Casual dress / 請隨意穿著
*Standing and mingling event (not table seating) / 入場后請自由就坐
* Wheel-chair accessible. 有殘障人士設施。

Spread the Word!

Tweet it: @sharktruth #sansfinsoup tickets on sale now! $35 Thurs Oct13 Great chefs+yummy soups
Read about the event here in the Georgia Straight
Find out more at

Judges / 評審團:

Chef Donald Gyurkovits – President Canadian Culinary Federation/Fédération Culinaire Canadienne (CCFCC) and the Honorary President for Chinese Canadian Chefs Association / / 加拿大廚師協會主席,加拿大華人廚師協會榮譽主席
Chef Edgar Rahal – President and Chairman for BC Chefs’ Association) / 廚師總會主席
Nathan Fong – Global TV / Vancouver Sun 媒體
Melody Fury – Food Writer and Gourmet Fury Blogger 美食作家和網誌作家
Dr. Kerry Jang – Vancouver City Councillor 溫哥華市議員
明星 Carlos Douh – Local Youtube Celebrity Sensation

MMM CHOCOLATE  Private Chocolate Tasting for 10 with the Well Tempered Chocolatier, Eagranie Yuh
LEARN TO DIVE  Discover Scuba Diving lessons with EDGE Diving

LUSH Legends Gift Box
Nice Shoes Gifts (Travel Tote, Umbrella, Travel Case & Gift Certificate)
Deluxe Beauty Set donated by Dale Hunter
Wild Rice Gift Certificate
Cascade Room / Habit Lounge $50 Gift Certificate
Sweet Lemon Luxury Bath Set donated by Dale Hunter
Day Passes to Vancouver Aquarium
Passes to OceanWise Chowder Chowdown
Tickets to Projecting Change Film Festival
Lunch with City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth


Chef Ben Lai
Chef Edmund Yee – P2B
Chef John Mok
Chef Ken Liang – Ken’s Chinese Restaurant
Chef Michael Zhou – Terracotta
Chef Montgomery Lau – Westin Wall Centre
Chef Todd Bright – Wild Rice Restaurant
Chef Tom Lee – Edible Canada at The Market
Chef William Tse – Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

Thank you to our sponsors and partners for supporting this event and helping us create a shark fin-free world.

BC Gaming Event License #37598
Know your limit, play within it

MP Fin Donnelly Announces National Shark Fin Ban

September 16th, 2011

Today, MP Fin Donnelly announced that he will be working on a bill to ban shark fin imports nationally in Canada. We’re excited to be a part of the announcement and congratule MP Fin Donnelly for taking leadership to protect our global oceans and vulnerable sharks. Read the full release below.

L-R: Rob Sinclair (WildAid), Toronto City Councillor Glenn de Baeremaeker, Claudia Li (Shark Truth), NDP MP Fin Donnelly, Jennifer Zabawa (Sharkwater)



TORONTO— As global shark populations plummet, New Democrat Fisheries and Oceans critic Fin Donnelly is launching consultations with stakeholders to develop legislation to stop the importation of these illegal shark fins into Canada.

“The decline of sharks globally is a conservation crisis that needs immediate attention,” said Donnelly. “The Canadian government needs to take a leading role in protecting sharks and promoting international ocean stewardship.”

Tens of millions of sharks are being killed every year, shrinking the international shark population and resulting in the near-extinction of several species.

“With up to 75 million sharks being killed each year in the trade, shark finning represents the largest conservation challenge facing a top predator in the world,” said Rob Sinclair, Executive Director of Wild Aid Canada. “In most parts of the world, the shark fin trade has no real regulation and illegal activities cannot be distinguished from the limited legal trade.”

“Canada has an opportunity to do the right thing and show international leadership on this issue,” added Claudia Li, founder of Shark Truth [sic].

-30 -

Gills, Spots and Eyes

August 18th, 2011

Guest Blog Post by Shark Truth Volunteer Aylin Ulman – Aylin is a passionate ocean advocate and a volunteer with Shark Truth. This summer, she had a chance to swim with one of the biggest fish in the world – whale sharks – and shares her experience with us.


Last year, the winning couple of the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest, Julianna & Tai, took their grand prize trip in Mexico where they swam with over 100 whale sharks. The swam in the Caribbean Sea just off of the Gulf of Mexico – this is where the world’s largest congregation of whale sharks occurs. Hundreds of whale sharks visit this location to feed on the very bountiful plankton and krill blooms between mid June and early September. Locals say whale sharks have been frequenting this area for over 15 years! It was the fishermen who first discovered them and began swimming with them for fun, but it was only about eight years ago that they first introduced tourists.


First, I have to tell you just how special these animals really are: not only are they are the world’s largest fish and can grow up to 60 feet long, they are gentle giants who barely even have teeth. Whale sharks carouse the shallow seas with their behemoth mouths wide open, and filter thousands of litres of sea water a minute, to trap small crustaceans in their mouths.

So I decided to take a summer trip this year to Mexico. I dipped into the waters of the Caribbean Sea and swam with the whale sharks three times. Surprisingly, they cruise a long at a pretty slow speed while they are feeding so it’s easy to stay next to the animal for up to ten minutes. I had a chance to soak in the beautiful spotted pattern of the whale sharks, watch the immense gills open and close as it was feeding and even look into its eyes of this 30 foot animal. It was one of the most peaceful experiences to be in the water right next to this majestic creature of the sea.

Whale sharks, like many other sharks, are in desperate need of our help. Shark finning is causing their populations to plummet, putting their species and our ocean ecosystem at risk. You can make a difference:

  • Volunteer with Shark Truth or contact us to find a organization near you.
  • Tell your friends and family that half of oceanic sharks are being threatened with extinction because of shark finning. Not only is it a cruel and wasteful practice but it’s doing irreversible damage to our ocean ecosystem. If you know a wedding couple that is going to serve shark fin, send them to this Help Centre where they can find post cards, letters and videos.
  • Sign the petition for more shark fin bans in Canada.
  • Support Shark Truth’s work with a donation. In just two years, over 60 couples have pledged to not serve shark fin at their wedding banquets, stopping 8,600 bowls of shark fin from being consumed – that’s approximately 860 sharks!

Together, we can keep these amazing animals where they belong – in our oceans. And one day, I hope you will have the chance to encounter sharks in their natural habitat where (I will warn) you might fall in love.


Bowls, spoons and a drumroll please…

June 7th, 2011

One year ago, Hawaii passed a historic and unprecedented bill that banned the possession, sale and trade of shark fin. Not only did they take a brave stand to protect sharks, but they inspired a growing wave of legislative change, which has resulted in Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Washington, Oregon and the municipality of Brantford, Ontario passing similar bills and with Toronto, Ontario and California (each with the largest Chinese communities in their respective countries) having both proposed bills to accomplish the same end.

As the movement continues to expand and reflect the growing sentiments against shark fin soup, it is important to recognize the leaders standing up for this ancient and important species. That is why we are so proud to announce the winners of this year’s Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest!

Happy Hearts Love Sharks Winners of 2011

Shark populations are plummeting around the world, primarily due to the demand for shark fin soup. Popular at Chinese wedding banquets, sharks depend on wedding couples to stand up for them. Happy Hearts Love Sharks aims to empower wedding couples to take leadership in their circle of friends and family to stand up and protect sharks by not serving shark fin soup at their banquet dinner. You can watch our video to see how it works. 

It’s estimated that it takes one entire shark to make 10 bowls of shark fin soup.

Our Heroes

Shark fin soup is a Chinese delicacy with deep seated cultural roots, which can make it difficult for couples who want to break with custom on a day that is typically about family and tradition. This simple fact makes them all the braver – they truly are our heroes. Congratulations to every one of you on your new journey together and thank you to all those who voted and participated in the contest to show our wedding couples what a great community they have supporting them. So without further ado…

Drumroll please…

Canada’s Grand Prize Winner: A Trip to Hawaii to Dive with Sharks
Jason & Judy from Vancouver, BC – 959 votes

During the last 12 hours of the contest, it was an online battle for votes as Judy & Jason stayed on their computers getting their friends and family to vote for their entry. Both Judy & Jason and May & Dennis garnered over 300 votes each within the last 12 hours of the contest. Congratulations to both couples who put in a solid effort!

Check out Judy & Jason’s entry and all the encouraging comments they received on Facebook. We’ll keep you posted on their trip to dive with cage sharks in Hawaii (it’s their first time there!) this coming summer – we’re sure this will be an unforgettable adventure.

Draw Prize Winner: Waterproof Digital Camera
Janet & Mike from Victoria, BC

View the final vote count here.

Grand Prize Runners Up: Dennis and May from Vancouver, BC

May & Dennis did an amazing job promoting this contest and raising awareness about our work, receiving an impressive 778 votes. No strangers to the powers of Twitter, they also garnered over 300 votes in the last 12 hours! Thank you for introducing Shark Truth to your friends and networks.

Honourable Mention

Jenny & Andrew’s spirit shined in their entry. Not only did they place third with 295, construct a homemade shark costume for their entry but they even posted instructions to teach us how on their blog.

2011 Entries on Facebook:

Many of our wedding couples had to stand up against family tradition, explaining to their relatives and convincing their friends that sharks need our protection and that bucking tradition on shark fin soup is one of the best ways to do that. Not only did they make a choice to Stop the Soup, but they made a public pledge by sending in a photo entry for Happy Hearts Love Sharks. Whether it’s their creative photo entries or stories about how they bonded over Aikidoserenaded their partner over karaoke or made their own shark costume for their photo entry, these couples will inspire others to stand up for sharks. You’re all kick-butt winners in our eyes.

The Results

Through our six-week long Happy Hearts Love Sharks we:

  • Diverted 4,300 bowls of shark fin soup from consumption (approximately 430 sharks);
  • Secured pledges from 25 couples from around the world that entered the contest.

Stay Tuned

Want to be notified about next year’s contest? Email wedding-contest [at} sharktruth {dot] com

We’ll keep you updates with photos and stories from Judy and Jason’s trip to Hawaii this summer, where you can follow their journey into the waters for their first experience with sharks. We will also be posting our team’s favourite pick for “Most Creative Entry.”


Read the stories of our 2011 couples
Help Centre for videos, information and print material
2011 Contest Web Page
Contest Sponsors
Press Release

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