Contest Launch & April 2011 Update

April 18th, 2011

Spring has arrived, cherry blossoms are blooming and our oceans glimmer a deep blue. We are excited to kick off this spring season with our Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest 2011.

Launching the Happy Hearts Love Sharks Wedding Contest

On April 27th, the HHLS wedding contest will return for its second year to encourage wedding couples to protect sharks by pledging to Stop the Soup at their wedding banquet.

Pledge photo entries will be posted on Facebook and the couple with the most votes will win a grand prize trip to Hawaii for a shark experience next Wednesday on April 27. Last July, Hawaii made history in protecting sharks by becoming the first state to ban shark fin possession, sale and trade. We are sending our winning couple to Oahu to congratulate Hawaii for their great work.

This year, our goal is to double our achievements last year – we are aiming to divert 7,200 bowls of shark fin soup from consumption through the 2011 wedding contest.

Can you help us reach our goal for the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest? Here are some ways you can help:

  • Know a couple getting married? Spread the word to your friends and family about the wedding contest. Find out more at
  • Want to support our efforts in reaching out to couples and Chinese consumers? Donate to help us with costs for print material and our press conference.

Shark Truth in the News: Shark fin is an issue of ecology, not race

The shark fin debate was reaching a peak as a bill to stop possession, sale and trade of shark fin in California was being dubbed as “racist” by a California Senator. Shark Truth Founder, Claudia Li, weighed in on the debate and was featured on the front page of the Globe & Mail Life section last month.

Claudia Li is tired of people pulling the “race card” to defend the consumption of shark’s fin. Persuading Chinese people to stop eating shark’s fin is an ecological issue, not a racial or cultural one, says Ms. Li, founder of the Vancouver volunteer group Shark Truth. Read the full article here.

The California shark fin bill passed its first vote and continues to stir question around the “tradition” of shark fin. Watch Li speak out.
“I think there are other things that we can use to show off in our culture and this is just one thing we have to let go of.”

Happy National Volunteer Week: A Big Thanks to Our Amazing Team

Shark Truth and Harry wouldn’t be where we are today without all the hard work, intelligence, energy and creativity of our volunteer team. A fully volunteer run organization, Shark Truth sends high-fives to Sonya, Rob, Ronnie, Vivian, Melissa, Cecile, Nathan, Kevin, Angel, Corey, Teresa, Claudia, Megan, Richard, Kim, Joanna and Leesa. Happy National Volunteer Week! Write a note on our Facebook wall or email a note to us at

Winter and Fall Updates

March 5th, 2011

The first few months of 2011 have been a flurry of activity for Shark Truth. From Lunar New Year celebrations, to wedding fairs, to preparing for our 2011 Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest, we have been working hard to promote awareness, education and action around to protect sharks and Stop the Soup.

Chinese New Year Celebrations
In February, you might have spotted some out-of-water shark mascots at the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown. In partnership with Wake Project, our shark mascots took the streets to give out free ‘Shark Hugs’ and show friends that sharks are not as dangerous as they’re made out to be (death by shark attacks is less than four each year, worldwide). Check out some of the photos here.

Empowering Wedding Couples to Stop the Soup
This fall, we attended three major wedding shows: the Bling Wedding Show, the Vancouver Wedding Show, and most notably, the Annual Wedding Fair that had a turnout of 3,000 brides, grooms and family members. Shark fin soup is most popularly served at wedding banquets so we encouraged couples to take a stand to protect sharks and Stop the Soup.

Here are some pictures from the fair. A big thank you to our generous sponsors, realWeddings.

Making Headlines
Shark Truth Founder, Claudia Li, was interviewed for a story in the Georgia Straight about common cultural misconceptions around shark fin soup:

“Oftentimes, elders will say to me: ‘If you’re trying to remove shark fin from our tradition, then you’re removing a part of Chinese culture.’ But that’s not true, because are they saying that Chinese people who cannot afford shark fin are any less Chinese?”

Read her take on its role in Chinese tradition and the full article in the Straight.

The story of Shark Truth’s birth was featured in an opinion piece in the Solutions Journal a publication showcasing bold and innovative ideas for solving ecological, social and economic problems. Claudia reflects on her first memory of trying shark fin soup: 

“I first encountered the dish when I was young, accompanying my mom on one of her business dinners at an upscale Chinese restaurant. I remember her dressing me up for what I was told would be a “special dinner.” The chairs in the restaurant were cushioned and embroidered—I was so small my feet couldn’t reach the floor. She told me I was going to be eating something very special and expensive. It turned out to be shark fin soup. When I tried it, it just seemed like thickened chicken broth in a fancy bowl. The fins provided no flavor, but lots of status.

Finish reading the story in the Solutions Journal.

Our Wedding Contest Returns

After last year’s successful launch, the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding returns in 2011. This year, we’ve chosen Hawaii as our grand prize destination to highlight last year’s Bill that passed banning possession and sale of shark fin. Our goal is to secure commitments from 38 couples who will pledge to protect sharks and Stop the Soup at their wedding banquet.

The contest will launch at the end of April and you can sign up to be an Early Bird entry here for a chance to win a dinner for two at Vij’s Restaurant here*. More exciting news to come soon.

*Early Bird prize only available for Greater Vancouver Regional District contestants.
I love Harry! Can I help Shark Truth?

Passionate about sharks and igniting change in the Chinese community? Have the skills and experience to help us to save Harry’s fins? We are looking to strengthen and expand our team with communications specialists, fundraisers and development folks and Chinese translators. Email Angel at recruiter [at] sharktruth [dot] com if you want to make a difference with a small, effective, dynamic volunteer team.

That’s it Folks

Keep your eyes, ears and fins out for more news about the 2011 Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter here.

Tis the Wedding Season

December 15th, 2010

Upcoming Shows

Keep an eye out for Shark Truth at the upcoming community events in the new year:

  • 32nd Annual Wedding Fair at the Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina January 8th and 9th, 2011
  • 11th Annual Divers’ Weekend at the Vancouver Aquarium January 23rd and 24th, 2011

Wedding Seminars

On November 4th, Shark Truth held an educational wedding seminar called Why Shark Fin Soup is so 80s. Hosted in partnership with HEE Creations at Amara Weddings, the seminar educated young couples and Chinese consumers who want to help protect sharks by taking a stand against the cruel and destructive consumption of shark fin.

We encouraged dialogue in the seminar to build a sense of community for change and empowered consumers to take action by sharing our resources with them, such as the post cards available for wedding couples to educate their guests. We look forward to launching more educational seminars next year.

RSVP for our Wedding Seminar

October 25th, 2010

Know of any couples-to-be that want to help protect sharks and take a stand against shark fin at their wedding? Are you one, or a family member of one?

Shark Truth’s wedding seminar gives you the tools and information needed to make your special day a celebration of both love and environmental action. We’ll show you the materials you can use to help educate your parents and guests on how and why you decided to take a bold stand on shark sustainability.

Shark Truth, with the support of Amara Weddings, proudly presents:


An educational seminar on
Why Shark Fin Soup is so 80s  |  魚翅換面子 殘酷無意思

An intimate educational seminar for couples and family members who want to help protect sharks by taking a stand against the cruel and destructive consumption of shark fin. We will share our personal experiences of how we convinced our parents, family and friends to Stop the Soup and the tools to get there.

Thursday, November 4th
6:30pm – 7:30pm
or 7:45pm – 8:45pm

Hosted at Amara Weddings
Unit 250 – 4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond


The seminar is free. Light refreshments will be provided. Space is limited, RSVP today.
Questions about the seminar? Please email Cecile at cecile [ at ] sharktruth [ dot  ] com


Last weekend, Shark Truth participated in the Vancouver Wedding Show to promote the Why Shark Fin Soup is So 80s wedding seminar. Thanks to the support of  , Shark Truth also got the opportunity to educate Chinese couples about the environmentally damaging effects of shark fin soup and its all too common appearance at wedding banquets. Photos from the event can be viewed hereRSVP for the wedding seminar today!

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