Press Statement: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby Announce Regional Shark Fin Ban

August 15th, 2012

Press Statement from Shark Truth
Regarding Regional Shark Fin Ban Announcement


VANCOUVER (August 15, 2012)Following the announcement this morning by Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang for the cities of Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby to work on a regional shark conservation strategy, Shark Truth commends the leadership of the three cities and encourages City Councillors to incorporate strategies to reinforce good behaviours.

“We look forward to working with City Councillors to figure out how we can best bring forth a shark conservation strategy in Richmond, Vancouver, and Burnaby,” said Claudia Li, Shark Truth’s Executive Director. “It’s important that we involve all stakeholders in the conversation so that potential shark fin bans are not just about punishment, but reinforcing good behaviour for long-term change. For example, making education a requirement of all restaurants that serve shark fin through window decals and posters stating that they are going Fin Free.” “本會希望市議員在立法的時候,除運用罰款打擊販賣魚翅之外,可加入要求違法之餐館以正面的行動支持保護鯊魚,例如張貼護鯊資訊的宣傅海報及標語等,以此加强實行法例的教育價值,” 李妍蕙,Shark Truth創辦人。

Shark Truth recommends for City Councillors to focus potential shark fin bans on the business aspect of the legislation by banning the sale, trade, and distribution, rather than possession or consumption.

“This announcement excites us because it illustrates the growing movement to support shark conservation and future generations from individuals, businesses, and government, all doing their part,” said Ms. Li.

Media Contact: Claudia Li 李妍蕙, Shark Truth Executive Director. 604-723-0134

Shark Truth is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness, education and action for marine and planet conservation through cross-cultural engagement. Our unique shark conservation campaign includes the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest that rewards couples who pledge to go Fin Free at their wedding banquet. Learn more at or join us at 


2012 HHLS Winners: “Our Parents Were Very Supportive”

August 5th, 2012

Wednesday’s announcement of our Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest was great! Winning couple Amy and Jackson and the runners up, Kaman and Felix, joined us for the announcement at The Original Szechuan Chonquin on West Broadway in Vancouver. It was an extra special day for Amy and Jackson as they started dating nine and a half years ago to the day.

Fin Free couples Jackson & Amy (L) and Kaman & Felix (R)

Jackson and Amy even brought their parents. Amy’s dad talked about how proud he was of the couple for standing up for something they believed in. So proud that he went out and emailed about one hundred of his own personal friends to tell them about going ‘Fin Free’.

Amy and Jackson made a moving speech in English and Cantonese. ”We know this is not the end of the journey to raise awareness for the conservation of sharks. We need more people to stand up. We need more Chinese people to really take action to save sharks and say no to shark fin.” – Amy

You can listen to the whole speech below (03:59)


Sing Tao:  “Our dream really came true. The best thing is, both sides of our parents were very supportive, and we won a big prize. We plan to go take the Galapagos cruise next April on our wedding anniversary.”


Epoch Times“Although some people still don’t understand why they’ve decided to do this, but they will take this opportunity to tell people the truth about shark fin, and hope that they will consider the bad that comes out of consuming shark fin soup, especially its impact on future generations.”


Richmond Review: “We thought it was the right thing to do. Many of the shark species are in danger of extinction. In order to save them we have to keep them alive.”

Congratulations again Amy and Jackson, Kaman and Felix, and all of our HHLS wedding couples past and present.

See more photos from the press conferences here.

2012 Happy Hearts Love Sharks Winners Announced

August 1st, 2012

This year was very exciting for the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest. For the first time the contest expanded to Hong Kong through the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and we celebrated the 3rd instalment of the contest locally.

This year 19 couples entered the contest and they diverted over 3500 bowls of shark fin soup from being consumed. That’s 350 sharks!

Our FINtastic couples put forth amazing effort in spreading awareness this year and the race for first place was tight! Reaching all over the globe to spread the Fin Free wedding message, almost 3000 people voted for our couples. Although all couples are winners and champions of change in the community, unfortunately not everyone could be the grand prize winners. With no further ado, here are your 2012 HHLS winners!

Grand Prize Winners 

With 1014 votes Amy and Jackson are our grand prize winners of the 6 day cruise to the Galapagos Islands! The honeymooners will explore the islands in style with daily opportunities to swim and snorkel in the pristine marine reserve. The Galapagos is one of the top diving and snorkelling destinations in the world!

Showing off their creative side Amy and Jackson made a video which received more than 4,300 views on YouTube! WOW!



A photo from the press conference at The Original Szechuan Chongqing restaurant in Vancouver.

We thought it was the right thing to do. Many shark species are in danger of extinction. In order to save them, we have to keep them alive” – Amy & Jackson

Runners Up 

Coming in at a close second, Kaman and Felix did an amazing job spreading the Fin Free message and received 916 votes. The couple reached out to family and friends as far as Hong Kong for support! Kaman and Felix also connected with other shark conservation and environmental groups in Canada to spread awareness about the contest.

As runners up they are winners of an amazing Bonica camera.

Community Champions 

Elaine and Simon are this year’s Community Champions. They are not only spreading the Fin Free message locally, but they are going Fin Free for their banquets in Hong Kong and Taiwan!

They are winners of a creative photo shoot thanks to RF Photography.


Harry’s Favorite

Jenny and Ben are Harry’s Favorite, which was decided by a panel of Shark Truth members. Jenny and Ben were features on the FRONT PAGE of the North Shore News talking about their involvement in shark conservation. Read the full story here.

The couple have been great supporters of the Fin Free movement and shark conservation as Ben was also a contestant in the Sans Fin Soup contest last year!

Thank you again to all the couples who entered and started their own traditions. We are very proud of all of you for standing up for conservation and sustainable choices. We wish you all the best in your new adventures together.

And thank you to everyone who voted and supported the couples! Stayed tuned for an update from Amy & Jackson’s trip as well as information on our contest next year!


Book your next trip with Robson Street Flight Centre and a portion of your booking will be donated to us when you mention Shark Truth.

Release: ‘Fin Free’ Wedding Couple Wins 6-day Deluxe Honeymoon Trip to the Galapagos

August 1st, 2012


‘Fin Free’ Wedding Couple Wins 6-day Deluxe Honeymoon Trip to the Galapagos

Vancouver, B.C. – Amidst recent developments in the Greater Vancouver area on shark fin legislation and Shark Truth reaffirming (link) its position on shark conservation, Shark Truth announces Jackson and Amy as the winners of its third annual Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest.

“We are deeply proud of all the courageous wedding couples that are creating new traditions to protect our sharks, our oceans and our children’s future,” said Claudia Li, Shark Truth Executive Director. “We’re seeing a fundamental shift in public awareness and people’s mentality – shark fin is becoming taboo. Even restaurants are telling us that their sales for shark fin have plummeted,” said Ms. Li.

“FCBT is proud to be partnered with Shark Truth and G Adventures to assist bringing awareness and action to the issue of saving sharks from extinction. Real change is occurring and we applaud their dedication to this worth cause,” said Craig MacCarthy, Flight Centre Business Travel, Brand Leader.

The results for this year’s competition is realized through over 80 couples pledging to protect sharks by going ‘Fin Free’ or not serving shark fin soup at their wedding banquet, totaling to over 40,000 bowls of shark fin soup being stopped. The winners of this year’s contest will enjoy a 6-day honeymoon trip courtesy of Flight Centre and G Adventures to the Galapagos Archipelago on the luxurious G6 catamaran.

“In keeping with G Adventures’ commitment to giving back to the communities and natural surroundings we visit, we are proud to partner with FCBT & Shark Truth in their efforts to protect sharks from extinction,” said Aaron Sapra, G Adventures, National Sales Manager.

This year’s winning couple took the initiative to produce a video in both English and Mandarin to spread awareness about shark conservation. “We thought it was the right thing to do. Many of the shark species are in danger of extinction. In order to save them, we have to keep them alive,” said Jackson Wan.

Shark Truth is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness, education and action for shark conservation. Our unique consumer engagement campaign includes the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest that rewards couples who pledge to go Fin Free at their wedding banquet. Learn more at or join us at


Media Contact:   Claudia Li, Shark Truth Executive Director

High resolution photos and contact information for wedding couples available upon request.


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