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You can make a difference at your wedding banquet. Help Harry and Stop the Soup.

We can have Double Happiness with sharks in our seas instead of our bowls.

Shark fin soup has been a delicacy in Chinese cuisine since the Sung dynasty and has been known as a symbol of respect and status, but we also know that it is a dish threatening to push an entire group of species to extinction.

A wedding banquet serving shark fin soup to 300 guests can kill up to 30 sharks. How many guests will be drinking shark fin soup at your wedding banquet?

3 Reasons Why You Should Pledge to Stop the Soup

Reason 1) It’s cruel and wasteful.

Sharks, like Harry, are caught primarily for the their fins to make shark fin soup. The finning process goes something like this:

  • Harry is swimming along happily chilling with his friends
  • He sees some bait on the surface
  • He swims towards it to eat it but realizes it’s a hook (ah!)
  • Harry gets dragged onto the boat
  • His fins are sliced off with a knife while he kicks and struggles for survival
  • Harry is dumped back into the sea -finless-, left to bleed to death as he sinks to the bottom of the ocean

Reason 2) Sharks shape our oceans and our world.

Sharks play an important role in our ecosystems but are being threatened with extinction due to the soaring demand for shark fin soup. Half of oceanic pelagic sharks are being pushed to an elevated risk of extinction. They have existed for over 450 million years — long before dinosaurs roamed this earth — and as a top predator, they shape our oceans and are an essential part of the ocean’s food chain. But scientists predict that some shark species may be wiped off this earth in 10 to 20 years if shark finning continues. Oceans cover over two-thirds of our planet and supply over half of our world’s oxygen. Sharks play an integral role in these oxygen producing oceans by maintaining the crucial balance required in these ecosystems.

Reason 3) It’s going to be one of the biggest nights of your life and you have the power to send a meaningful message to your guests on behalf of Harry.

Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest nights of your life. As your friends and family come together on this special occasion, all eyes will be on you. By promoting shark fin soup alternatives, you are sending a powerful message to your guests about this issue and your values. You can make a meaningful difference for Harry and up to 30 members of his family. Join the community of educated couples who have chosen to take positive action by pledging to Stop the Soup at your wedding banquet.

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Print this wedding banquet table card for your guests. Email us to get a batch or if you designed your own, and want to share, contact cecile(at]sharktruth[.)com
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